Sunday, December 30, 2012

Join CTMH for only $49.00 !!!!!!

Have you every thought about joining the Close To My Heart family?  You can now for a fantastic price of only $49.  That's it !!!  You get $155 of product for $49.  You also get a discount on all CTMH products.  How amazing is that???  That's why I joined.  At first I joined to just get the discount and be a "Hobbyist" but then it has turned into a fun business. I have since become a Supervisor.  I love the fact of getting together with my friends and  getting paid when I sell at my parties. 

You have a few choices when you buy your kit.  You can just spend $49 and stop at that.  You are getting an amazing deal.  Remember $155 worth of products for only $49.  If you don't want to stop there you can become a "Independent Consultant" . Set your own schedule and have a fun time doing it.  Make extra fun money or just feel like you are helping out with the family.  

Be sure to join on or after January 1st so you can receive the new kit.  Ordering for the new products begin February 1st but if you become a consultant in January you get to order before the general public and also receive the HUGE discount !!!

If you are interested in "Building Your Business" then you have the option of buying the master kit for $99.  It includes everything included in the picture above and below.

If you have any questions feel free to check out these videos.

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